300cubits bounty has closed. Thank you all for your participation! 


Prize allocation Mechanism:

We use a mechanism which is equitable and fair based on the effort % of each pool.  Below is just an illustration and does not reflect the current distribution.


Rank Effort % Token Pool Winners Avg Prize
Top 3 4% 14,400 3 4,800
Mega (Top 4-20) 5% 18,000 17 1,059
Super (Top 21-100) 5% 18,000 80 225
Diamond 50% 180,000 8,000 23
Gold 16% 57,600 4,400 13
Silver 20% 72,000 7,500 10
 Total 100% 360,000 20,000  

Top 100 had been determined based on cut off on 15-Mar and additional referral will not move you to the top 100 – DO NOT further refer friends. Winner of Top 100 is here.


How to register my ETH address? Login http://bounty.300cubits.tech/3117. Fill in your ETH address at the end of the page. 
When will bounty/airdrop tokens be distributed? Final token distribution will be announced on 12-May. On 9-Jun-2018, the prize tokens will be sent to your ETH address registered. 
If I inputted wrong ETH wallet address, can I change it? No, please email bounty@300cubits.tech
Can i refer more friends to move up my place? No, the place is recorded based on 15-Mar. What we allow people to login is for those not yet eligible to an reward. They can like our FB, retweet and/or to perform some other social media activities which they can earn sufficient entries to be eligible for a reward. For those top 100, it has been determined and doing additional referral will not result in moving yourself into top 100.
If I got disqualified, what should I do? Please email bounty@300cubits.tech
Is KYC required? Only Top 100 winners will require KYC, which will be notified by email individually. Other rankings do not require KYC.