Simply use your wallet to send ETH to TEUsale.eth. MIST, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask and ImToken supports use of TEUsale.eth, an ENS address.

To address: “TEUsale.eth
Gas Limit: 21,000 (remark: unused gas will be returned)

If you are using Parity or Jaxx, 0x00222EaD2D0F83A71F645d3d9634599EC8222830.


My Whitelist KYC status is “Reviewing”, can I contribute? Yes, you can but make sure you have supplied all relevant documents.
I’ve not yet registered for Whitelist KYC, can I contribute? Yes, if you believe you will pass the KYC. Please contribute and supply all relevant documents to
Can I send from Exchange Wallet? No, you cannot.
What if I use other wallet not supporting ENS? 0x00222EaD2D0F83A71F645d3d9634599EC8222830 or from
Further Support? Please email