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Remaining Time of Pre-ITS

1588.36 ETH

ICO/ITS Contribution Address

ENS Address:

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Core Terms
Token Name 20-footeqvunit Contribution Address TEUsale.eth
Token Symbol TEU Total Supply 100,000,000 TEU
Token Standard ERC20 Compliant, 18 Decimal Places Start Time (Timestamp) 16-Aug 2AM UTC+0 (1502848800)
Crypto Accepted ETH End Time (Timestamp) 20-Sep 2AM UTC+0 (1505872800)
Minimum Amount 0.1 ETH TEU Pool for Contribution 2,000,000 TEU
2% of Total Supply
Contribution Cap 14,000ETH Conversion Rate Refer to Contribution and Allotment Mechanism

Contribution and Allotment Mechanism
Allotment Mechanism Allotment of TEU pool of a period is based on the proportion of ETH contributed of a contributor among all ETH contributions of the same period. Conversion Rate
Allotment Formula Definition is the TEU Pool during period t
is the ETH contributed by contributor i
is the sum of all ETH contributed by all contributors

Illustrative Example
TEU Pool = 2,000,000TEU, Total ETH contributed = 5,000ETH
Conversion Rate = 1 ETH to 400 TEU
Contributor ETH contributed TEU Allotted
Teresa 1,000 400,000
Ethan 1,500 600,000
Ursula 2,500 1,000,000
Total 5,000 2,000,000
Rounding TEU is in 18 decimal places and the TEU allotted is truncated on the last decimal place. No Hurry Collection Recommendation There is no urgency to collect the allotted TEU since there is no deadline for collection.
If all contributors rush to collect the tokens, it may induce heavy traffic in Ethereum network and drive up the gas price.
TEU Collection TEU allotted is ready for collection 2 hours after the closing of a Period t according to the Contribution Schedule.

  • Contributor shall execute “Collect Token” function in TEUsale.eth contract page using the same wallet address you contributed.
  • Send Zero ETH
  • Provide sufficient gas